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We are working with the top platform in the world to build your website on
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Theme Development
WordPress themes are amazing these days, and are built for every type of industry. Before we get started we can send you some great examples.
Search Engine Optimization
WordPress is an excellent platform for optimizing your website, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and efficient plugins that are available.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Let us study your website visitors, A/B test, and get you more conversions and higher rankings.
Custom Web Design
We will work with your team to develop a sitemap and wireframes, then custom design a website that fits your needs and meets your goals.
Maintenance & Updates
We have small to large monthly maintenance and update packages available for anyone. Give us a mail.
Support & Training
We would love to help you understand WordPress better so you can update your own site, saving you time and money.

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How can we help?

Are you a full service agency?
Yes. We have a highly-skilled team of developers, web designers, marketers and managers. To request any web solution, fill the little form below and describe your required services.
Is it possible to only order a web design?
We will fulfill any order as requested, but for best results, we recommend that our experts be involved in the entire process. We have an excellent team, consisting of seven professionals with very specialized skillsets. These experts work together to create superior web pages, but the benefits extend far beyond a static website. Web development and advertising are interwoven by our team during the design of every part of your website, from start to finish. Your website will be most effective at drawing clients with our complete oversight, which is designed to promote your company according to your business niche and goals.
How does Kodrix determine a project’s cost?
Project price will depend on such factors as the complexity of the project (number of pages, design, animation, etc.) And the number of hours our specialists commit to complete the project. We will provide you with a pre-project estimate of the cost of your website design based on your business needs and the business model of your competitors.
How long does it take to develop a website?
In general, if we receive the information we need in a timely manner, we can complete development in one to four weeks. This range is only an average, and it will vary according to your particular industry, the current state of your website and how well it performs, how often new content must be generated, and more. Our team will provide an estimated timeline for you at the beginning of your project.
What is a landing page, and how is it used?
A landing page is a simple, one-page website that is primarily used to draw traffic to a specific product or service. It’s a good choice for small businesses that only need to provide contact information, showcase one product, or gather customer information.
What is a marketing website, and how is it used?
A marketing website consists of several, usually five to eight, landing pages. Each page has enough space to describe and present a specific product or service. Businesses that have a wide range of products to sell will find this format the most effective, as potential customers can receive detailed information and make an informed choice about purchasing a variety of items.

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